A343F tiptronic / shifter swap. KZJ78 1KZT

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A343F tiptronic / shifter swap. KZJ78 1KZT

Postby kbushnz » Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:33 pm

Hi all
Been playing in the garage again this time with the shifter.
I have no TCU as went manual pump a long time ago.
Stumbled across a TCU in aussie and got one shipped over.
With the guy who made it we altered the program to use with my setup.
I had to put a new TPS unit onto my throttle linkages.
Also play with the speed sensor.
Had some big issues with this as the factory unit in my truck is a reed switch and the TCU software didn't like it (switch bounce)
Ended up swapping the reed switch for a Magnetic hall effect switch. Had to strip speedo apart and remove reed and graft in new unit.
Then rather than having switches to go up and down thru the gears, I adapted a Subaru Legacy sports shifter so I can used its tiptronic feature.
Here a a few pics of the install.
They dont do it justice... Lots of trial and errors...
Machining, welding, grinding and rewelding hhahah

TPS install, new brackets

Audino based TCU

Control panel switches before integrated into truck.

Legacy shifter grafted to toyota linkages and also toyota T bar fitted.

Digital display added to factory speedo cluster.
Cheers Calvin
KZJ78 Landcruiser Prado...

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