For Sale: Land Rover and Zook bits + more (Recaros)

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For Sale: Land Rover and Zook bits + more (Recaros)

Postby Crawlerer79 » Sat Mar 03, 2018 8:50 pm

Hi guys,
Have some goodies for sale. PM if interested and I can send you pictures

Land Rover:

-Disco rock sliders, chassis mount for 2" lift. Very rough
-Mantec Snorkel for Disco, again very rough. Old style head
-Tubular front twin shock mounts
-Range Rover Classic bull bar
-Gwyn Lewis 5mm Diff pans, would like to hang on to for the comp truck but if someone wants them... new
-50mm spring spacers for Defenders, D1s and RRCs, again, kinda want to hang onto these

Am stripping the parts Disco down (muddyplumbers old one) so anything else, PM me, but most the goodies I've already claimed haha


-Bits4Vits Vitara Steering Brace, new
-Superpro poly body mounts for Vitara, new
-Superpro poly bumpstops, rear, new
-Bits4Vits 50mm bumpstop extensions, CNC, real nice :twisted: , again new
-15x5.5 Mega Offset 8 spokes, I think factory steelies that zukimeista flipped (x4)
-15x7 white 8 spoke, good for a spare


-Recaro seats (from a Bighorn maybe???), one is pretty good, other has a bolster on one side pretty worn

I think that's all for now, if interested, PM me an offer. I'm in christchurch.
Cheers guys
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