FS: Hitachi HT12-11 turbo exhaust flanges

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FS: Hitachi HT12-11 turbo exhaust flanges

Postby nickmcdonald » Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:15 pm

Hi all.

I've had a few exhaust flanges cut to suit an HT12-11 turbo. It's that awkward kidney shape thing, with 5 bolts. Anyhow, cut from 10mm steel, with a bit of extra meat around it to weld to. PLATES ARE BLANK, meaning you'll have to lay your exhaust gasket on it, mark out the holes, and drill them, but thats a 10 minute job for anyone with a drill press. I made a downpipe for mine using one of these flanges and it worked out mint.

$40 plus whatever shipping is.

Flick me a message on 021 1334 605.


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