Land Rover Series 3 for sale - CHCH area

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Land Rover Series 3 for sale - CHCH area

Postby Mongoose » Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:22 pm

Hey all, long time since I've posted due to no 4wding for a few years :( but I was a regular quite a few years back and went on a few club trips and comps. Shifting down to Dunners soon from CHCH and with no off street parking at the house we've bought and an old house to do up I'm going to have to let my project Rover go to someone who can finish off the small amount of work left.
Photos here, hopefully - any problems let me know:

It's a 76, pretty tidy but looks like the previous owner did a bit of off-roading with the odd bump and scrape here and there, generally a presentable truck though.
Running a certified Isuzu 2.4 non-turbo diesel which pulls well. Bit smokey on start up at the moment but the truck has basically been in my garage for about 4 years since I found some rust not long after I bought it so a decent drive to clear its lungs would help. Was driving well before I took it off the road and we're on a lifestyle block so I've run it round the property every few weeks just to stop stuff seizing up.

Rust in the firewall/bulkhead wasn't too bad and a wee bit in the end of one of the chassis outriggers where mud had been left to sit. Any minor surface rust was ground out, Jenolyted and painted. Anything more serious was cut out and fresh steel patches welded in but for an old Series things weren't too bad and it's all sorted now. Some rust remains in the door tops as I wasn't planning on having them on.

It had a WOF when I got it so I can't see there being much else to do but I don't have the time or energy at the moment to take it in or do any more work. Looks like a couple of the hub seals are leaking. It'll also need a service, diff oils etc. I was going to run it as a soft top but I've bolted the roof back on for sale, I haven't put every single bolt back in but it'll be good enough to trailer. There's a flip up sunroof fitted which doesn't keep the rain out 100%. Had after-market seats in it which were pretty shitty installs with self-tapping screws, these come with the truck but aren't fitted as I was going to fit stock seats.

Reg is on hold currently so just needs the new owner to start paying for the reg once the WOF is sorted, old enough to be on cheap rego at $81 a year! It's not currently road-legal obviously so road tests aren't possible but it's possible to drive it round one of the paddocks here if required. Running tall and skinny ATs, back two could do with replacing for WOF I think.

Viewing is welcome out between LIncoln and Rolleston. If anyone out of town is keen I can trailer it to Jeff's depot if trailer hire and a bit of gas is covered, more photos or video are possible if needed for anything specific.

Honestly I'm not really sure what it's worth as I've not kept an eye on LR prices on Trademe so I'm open to (fair!!) offers, not looking to be greedy on this, be nice to see it go off to someone who'll finish it off and get some fun out of it.
Feel free to email at
Any questions, please ask away. Cheers. Greg.

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