96 Disco 1 face lift

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96 Disco 1 face lift

Postby Disco Gofer » Thu Mar 09, 2017 1:44 pm

Well gents, I flicked my 98 TDi 300 and have an 03 Disco 2 now so dont have any use for the spare Disco 1 face lift i bought 18 months for possible spares. I am keeping the trusted running gear and lightweight chassis chassis for my bobtail mud truck if and when I meet its match maker in the bush one day...............but the rest is up for sale so if you need some well matured trim bits etc let me know and I can carefully and painstakingly remove them in a timely period. The truck was outside for 1.5 years but is now shed stored after robbing the next door farmer of his lock up shed on the weekend. No landy should be left in the cold or rain even if broken.................. :mrgreen:
Parts are used and in various states of age related condition and some come with free spiders, traditional musty smells and partial webs for added strength.
There aren't any front seats as these are in the back of my mud truck (no body wanted to be a back seat driver so had to fit 4 front seats...)but the rest is all there. I have sold the engine dip stick (no not meaning me) to some one wanting a longer one as his doesnt reach the oil level any more after 17 years apparently......was a bargain for $10. :shock:

Pick up is prefered (or hamilton drop off) as I travel a lot during the week for work and dont always have time to post stuff off sorry! Pick up is 1 min from the Hamilton Airport.

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