Prado 95 suspension

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Prado 95 suspension

Postby TOY 62 » Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:36 pm


Back here again with a Prado 95. Mines a 1996 NZ new, manual 1kz . 211ks

It's used as a tourer until I can find a suitable 100 series diesel.

Work on the 95 thus far.
- 3" exhaust
- new tyres
- interior LED upgrades
- new carpet
- new rear lights etc
- all fluids done
- new radiator, thermostat, hoses etc.

I just did a trip to Ruapehu and back. 700ks.

I replaced the rear shocks a few months ago (what a pain!) .

Looking to do the fronts.

On the recent trip I noticed the vehicle being quite harsh over bumps, potholes etc. The rear shocks are KYB gas.

I'm looking to replace all the springs and the front shocks. I think the front shocks are probably shot. The rear springs are likely gone too. The rear handled poorly before the new shocks.

I want to got o progressive springs all round as I don't carry a lot of load apart from the 4 of us in the vehicle.
Does anyone have any pointers on what good progressive springs are. I am not looking to raise the vehicle but if there is no choice the max I want to got is 1 inch (25mm).


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