for sale vitara steel front diff set up

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for sale vitara steel front diff set up

Postby 1kz_surf » Tue Jan 16, 2018 8:37 pm

steel head and housing with 5.12 ratio from a manual 1600cc

has a custom steel housing made from plate from a clever bugger here in wellington (he is making more if wanted get in touch)

included is modified front lower arms to suit the hagen widening mod

the spring seats have been moved on the arms to suit the mod

all the hard work has been done
included is the support bush for the right side
stubby shaft
26 spline side gears and assiociated gears /shafts

extra 150 i can include a set of 2 inch front lift springs

bloody good way to start a strong build for a vitara and really good bang for buck do it once and do it right


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