Crank sensor faults r50

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Crank sensor faults r50

Postby JonesyR50 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 6:50 am

So who's the man that knows his shit on the td27eti or qd32?

R50 96 td27eti auto 4x4
Nissan 14pin.

Got fault codes 11 & 47
11 crank angle sensor.
47 TDC sensor. Crank sensor

Picking they are the same sensor. On front of engine just above crank pully.

Had #47 1st truck was running and light came on and went off and came back on and went off.

Then had #11 when trying to start, would not start. After a lot of attempts to start I tried, foot hard up it a few cranks and it started.

So picking it codes 47 when engine is running and 11 with it won't start ???


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Re: Crank sensor faults r50

Postby Crash bandicoot » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:55 pm

three sensors at work there, which tells me you have a wiring issue, if it was a sensor you'd only get one code

no1 lift sensor (which provides the TDC pulse signal)
cam angle sensor ( its nowhere near the crank shaft)
and the injection timing control valve (which is on the pump and why it has trouble starting

take it to a sparky and get a Consult II plugged into it and it will tell what it is causing the trouble.

common faults.

5 volt ecu circut fails
TPS fails
injection timing control or also know as the COMMS line to the eti pump fails
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