R50 TD27 Front Pulley

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R50 TD27 Front Pulley

Postby mudbugga » Sat Dec 16, 2017 12:32 pm

Anyone had issues with front crank harmonic balancer pulleys on a TD27 EDi?

My truck decided it didn't like the drive belts while the Mrs was using it the other day. She told me that the lights came on the dash the previous day but forgot to tell me. But that's another issue GRRRRRR
I put some more on thinking that it was just a belt that failed and went through the others. The new PS belt keeps flipping round now. The others are OK.
Checked alignment of the pulleys. All seem to be in line.
Checked front pulley and it looks OK but has a slight wobble at idle. Read that is common with them though.
Checked bolt is tight as well.
Checked PS pump mounting is ok and not slogged out.

Thought maybe the harmonic balancer could be shitting out.

Tried another PS belt (using Gates belts from Repco) and it seems to be Ok now. Given the truck a good run up and the belts aren't coming off.

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