Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

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Re: Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

Postby diffsx2 » Sun Mar 23, 2008 8:28 pm

from what was displayed on tv3 today i think there is more than 1 or 2 teams that could kick the souths butt!!
BUT you do have to congradulate the guys that have come north to compete and remember that the sport is getting off the ground in the south island so what they are doing with their comps is taylored towards that. those guys that have competed up here have taken there experiance south and the sport is growing and that is the main point to consider!!!!! as the sport grows we can attract more sponsors and better tv coverage here in nz, that is how the sport will grow... is that what we want?? or shall we keep to our own back yards and throw digs at our neighbours that so and so is better than you and so on??
to you guys in the south please dont take the comments from the north to heart and bear grudges, the sport has grown tremendously up here and we have some valid and worthy points to be considered, we also have to consider that there is not an island full of comp trucks like bruces, donalds or rogers down south and only time and experiance will change that, the current sth islnd series will go a long way to changing that, the next step is consistant rules throught nz and a true national series and competion body to govern it, so bring it on!!!

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Re: Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

Postby Didymo » Mon Mar 24, 2008 3:40 pm

diffsx2 has made a very good point "the next step is consistant rules throught nz and a true national series and competion body to govern it, so bring it on!!!"

This is the very thing that we would love to see happen.

The only thing is that the current 4x4 Challenge NZ Rules (That the majority of North Island Comps are run under) are not sustainable for the growth of the sport in our mind.

I personally would like to get together with some like minded guys from up north and make this thing happen. There are a huge amount of ideas both North & South for a real National Series, we just need together!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next year would be an ideal time to start something, but we are going to run out of time quickly, the welcome mat is out.

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Re: Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

Postby PeterVahry » Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:32 pm

Bruce, I'd like to remind that 4x4 Challenges NZ made an offer to fly one of our people to the meeting in Christchurch held to discuss the creation of your rules. The response I got was that if someone did attend then several others who intended to be there would walk out! We decided to avoid such unpleasantness and stayed home.

That's history now and we've moved on but your statement "that the current 4x4 Challenge NZ Rules (That the majority of North Island Comps are run under) are not sustainable for the growth of the sport in our mind." is curious.

Those rules have evolved over quite a few years now, with input annually from competitors etc and now you are suggesting that your variation is the future? Maybe aspects are, but only one contest has been run so far on which to base your assumption.

4x4 Challenges NZ was set up to represent winch challenge participants in NZ with easy entry to the organisation and as a way for competitors and others to contribute to the evolution of winch challenges. The theory was to work via the website built for that purpose.

Good luck with the remainder of the Mainland series.

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Re: Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

Postby darinz » Tue Mar 25, 2008 11:24 am

Every year the level of competition gets higher, the teams get better and the trucks get faster. The Nor-West competition had a very strong feild. Everyone was experienced and they all had very good trucks. It was a reflection on how far the sport has grown in a very short space of time. At the start of the comp anyone of the teams could have won it depending on how things developed. The winner was decided by Fluffee driving one hole that Justin didn't. To say Bruce is the best in the country is BS. It shows a lack of understanding of what is actually happening in the NI competitions and is reason you disagree with the rules we are running.

The sport is in it's infantacy in the SI and the rules there reflect that. If you go back a few versions of the 4x4 Ch rules you will find they are extremely close to what is being used in the SI this year. That isn't a negative thing but it does need to be taken into account when talking about one set of rules for the country. The NI competitions tracks are set harder and faster and the trucks are generally more highly modified and a lot more powerful. The safety rules have to take that into account. The 2 sets of rules are basically the same and with very little work they could be combined. I'm the first to say that the current 4x4 Ch rules are a very good starting point but they need some changes to be made.

I am quite happy to work towards a national series and have some ideas that should make it easier to get a true representation. Forming a new body to run a National series will not solve the problems unless the need for physical meetings are removed. ie use IT instead (similar to this forum).
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Re: Mainland Winch Challenge Rules

Postby QUADRACER » Wed Jun 26, 2013 9:41 pm

Just reading this old thread, and things have changed.the mainland series has a least 5 rounds each year and has done since the start on this discussion.

I spose this is called hindsight. The rules have got closer but still retain there
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