Sutherlands Hut-Closed until further notice.

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Sutherlands Hut-Closed until further notice.

Postby catalystracing » Tue Aug 01, 2017 9:26 pm

Hi All,
I have just been advised that Sutherlands hut track is closed. The damage from recent weather events has given no other option. It will need a couple of days from both ends needing digger work, especially the TeKopi end.
Hoping to have it opened around November, but aiming to have the Ruakok end open before then, so access to hut is at least possible.
This will give some time to source funding and organize diggers/people.
Some ruts are 1m deep, with total washout at the Hurapi.

Ill update you as I hear more.


Paul on behalf of Rod Lonsdale/ARAC.

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