11-12 July

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11-12 July

Postby 3VILC » Fri Jul 17, 2015 4:19 pm

Well noone started one, and its not the weekend anymore, but think I made an achievement, cant say I enjoyed it much tho haha.
Don't like my mini that much anymore, might be time to trade it in lol. Alternator went on Friday, took fairly much all of Sunday afternoon just to get it! Without the help of a small Asian boy you have to to pull the whole front of the car to bits to get the radiator to move enough to be able to get it out. Fixed now, now the ignition seems to be playing up, starts as soon as turned on, windows air con etc don't work for a while, thinking the extra current draw from the low battery voltage might have burnt/warped the terminals inside the switch. Turn the key a tiny fraction back and the starter stops..arrrrgh :evil: :lol:

As always, pic or it didn't happen:
Newly brought currently bog standard Discovery V8i with a drinking problem :lol:

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