Some nice press for a change

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Some nice press for a change

Postby muddymatt1973 » Fri Jun 13, 2014 10:12 am

Hi All,

Thought I would share this with the board......

From the Northern Advocate.
On the south side of Lookout Hill, the water rushed off the surrounding hills, gushed down a drain and with so much momentum flooded across the road on the corner before the intersection with Loop Rd. Mr Bunn said about five vehicles had to be towed out of the deep water by a four-wheel-drive truck before they floated away.
Acting Sergeant Aaron Furze was also called to the scene and said local volunteer firefighters were also called in to help.
The highway had remained closed for a couple of hours until the water receded and the road had been cleared of debris.
"I've never seen it like that before in that section of road. Thanks to the guys with the four-wheel-drive, they just kept pulling cars out of the water."

Our community gets a bad rep sometimes with idiots hooning and cutting up tracks so it's good to see some positive press.

Personally - Who ever it was pulling the cars out - Thanks - you're a good guy :D

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Re: Some nice press for a change

Postby Coljag » Fri Jun 13, 2014 7:12 pm

x2 A real good guy! Thanks who-ever you are...
Never regret anything you have done, only regret those things you have not done!

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