Advancing the timing 1KZ (was a TE)

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Advancing the timing 1KZ (was a TE)

Postby kbushnz » Mon Oct 15, 2012 8:03 pm

Ok Guys and Gals
What would you expect if you advance the timing on a turbo diesel engine?
Too much gets you what effect....??
(Note I have searched the web and have some idea)

Background.... Have fitted manual pump...
Was told to set timing by ear / egt's as there was no set std.. (hybrid pump)

I have timed it so it was nice and quiet / smooth... But its a bit gutless and temps go thru the roof real fast when giving the welly and pulling full boost.
If I advance it a wee bit... It gets better and is more snappy and the egt's drop a bit... but it starts to develop what I can best describe as a noise like loose tappets when decelerating... Idle is a little noiser....
The more I advance it, the noiser it gets.. but feck does it fly when given the welly and I can set it so that the EGT temps are in the low 550's C at full boost and full welly....
I have heard various youtube vids of too much advance on some of the yankee 6.2's and they sound like a ball bearing trying to get out of a baked bean can... Nothing like what I get.....
Don't really wont to blow the girl up just yet :twisted:
Thoughts??? Comments... suggestions...
Cheers Calvin
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Re: Advancing the timing 1KZ (was a TE)

Postby SamLogan » Tue Oct 16, 2012 9:07 am

i will be interested in what is said. Mine is as advanced as i can buy twisting the pump and the egt's do climb quick after i put the bigger turbo on. Its not like its too big though as it still does spool up fast. Hopefully the methanol injection will help drop the egt's a wee bit but would be interesting to find out. I did a bit of research but didn't find much.


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