Little Red and Big Red, Glasshouse mountains QLD

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Little Red and Big Red, Glasshouse mountains QLD

Postby albundy » Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:48 pm

Went on a trip with me mate Rude, some of you have wheeled with him, to the Glasshouse mountains up the northcoast of Brissy. We had attempted this about three months ago but it pissed down so it never happened. Rude drives the 80 series with the black bars and tyre on the back. Twin locked on 33's but he has really managed to get his suspension set up just right as you can see in the pics. We managed to get up both hill climbs in under 3 mins of actual driving. We did take time to pick our line though. The white GU took 1.5 hrs to get up and there aren't pics of him almost rolling over the edge (there are actual vehicle wrecks over that edge), none the less he had white knuckles all the way up. Alot of winching that day. The other 80 took about half hour to get up. Shit hot day as you can see in the close up of my face. If you ever get a chance to get in there one day, even winch bitching like me, go for it. It reminded me of petrol and wankle hill on the westcoast all rolled into on cool hill climb.
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Re: Little Red and Big Red, Glasshouse mountains QLD

Postby mudslut » Sat Aug 20, 2011 10:59 pm

cool pics Al,looks pretty intense :D

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