14 - 17 Jan 2011

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14 - 17 Jan 2011

Postby Dr_PC » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:07 pm

Well either there are no 4 wheelers or the coast or its true that no bugger likes me.
Friday morning fluw to Christchurch wife has never been to the coast. Drove over Arthur's and up to Wesport after stopping at all the touristy bits. Went to the Denniston Dog for tea, can highly recommend their tucker, and cold Summit. Then did the mainer and a tip perv

Had my BOI 4wd cap on and my Whangarei 4wd shirt on. Never saw a 4wd with a club sticker, and very few 4wd's either.

Sat went up to Karamea, The Arches, Denniston, then out to the seal colony, and back to the Dog for more tucker and Cold Summit, still wearing me cap and another Whnagarei 4wd shirt and still no club stickers about.

Sun up to Nelson in me cap and another Club shirt no stickers and no 4wds about, did a big walk around town saw nice ragtop mustang, then over Lewis to Hamner for the night. Try the Monteiths pub for a real good feed. Yep no 4wds in that village either.

Mon back to Christchurch, Haven't been there since 1978 when I was at Wigram, what a lot of houses. Did Orana park then up the Gondola in the clouds lucky I've got a good imaganation was able to point in the general direction of where everything was for the wife. Took a few photos of the damage and repairs happening to the buildings then plane back to Auckland where it was raining. Only rain for the whole trip.

Sorry Coasters I know you only tell everyone it rains all the time to keep them out of the area.
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Re: 14 - 17 Nov 2011

Postby wopass » Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:15 pm

November?... you have time travel machine dan??
If you already know everything, DON'T ask bloody questions!!

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