Minginui / Whirinaki Forest Area

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Minginui / Whirinaki Forest Area

Postby gary_in_nz » Thu Oct 26, 2017 7:18 pm

Couldnt see a dedicated thread to this area>

Went in over the long Labour weekend and found a lot the tracks are in a bad shape (would have to put down to the storm that washed out Edgecumbe over winter).

Large washed out ruts up to 3 metres deep in places, tomo's opened up, various tracks under cut in places, hole tracks washed away and now rivers in their place, came across a hill side that had slipped away about 40 metres across. Its not too pretty in there at the moment.

If heading in there take your chainsaws, lots of people to help dig or better yet a digger or bulldozer.
There was only 4 of us and gave up trying anymore tracks Sunday lunch time and packed up and headed home.
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