Sutherland's hut

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Sutherland's hut

Postby Sausager » Sat May 30, 2015 10:26 pm

Hey guys

What is the track conditions to the Sutherland's hut? Never been there myself. Is it doable with one vehicle?

Are you able to drive the whole way to the hut? Or do you need a key/be a member of a club?

Pretty keen to get in there for some hunting!

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Re: Sutherland's hut

Postby Gyxx » Sun May 31, 2015 9:34 am

Hey Sausager.

Like most tracks it's very weather dependent; dry conditions it's a doddle, wet conditions and a couple of steep sections of the track can quickly turn into a winch challenge. I haven't been there since our last big weather event so I don't know if the tracks suffered any damage but I'd be very surprised if it got off scot-free.

For safety reasons the section of the track from the pinnacles to Sutherlands is one way only in that direction with travel in the opposite direction permitted only in emergencies. Also the track is closed to recreational 4WD access over the roar period.

The track is gated at both ends and a key is required. Access arrangements with the powers that be mean that only qualified trip leaders can get the key. ARAC is the body that negotiates access. So long story short you need to be a member of a club to get 4WD access to the track. Keep an eye on here and on the Wellington CCVC website to see if there's any upcoming trips.

If you're super keen to get in for a hunt you can drive to the end of Whakatomotomo road and walk up the river from that end or of course walk down from the Haurangi road end.

Hope this helps.

p.s. If you go to YouTube and search "Haurangi Road" and "Sutherlands hut" there's a few good videos that people have uploaded of the track.

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