Godley Glacier/Macaulay Hut - January

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Godley Glacier/Macaulay Hut - January

Postby Taz » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:14 am

Only taken me a better part of a decade to be in the position I can take a nose up here in the summer, woo!

No dates set yet, but will be over a weekend. Probably head in on a Friday night or early Saturday morning.

Give me some feedback on dates and I'll see what lines up.

The keens:

1.) Taz
2.) Taz
3.) I heard Taz is pretty keen
4.) [Your name here]

1.) Taz friend one
2.) Taz friend two

Grade 2 with the option of driving some more difficult bits near the lake that can be classed as Grade 4-5 (large boulders), so there is something for everyone.

Ideally stay in Macaulay hut, because it's boss, but if numbers are small I'm open to staying at one closer to the glacier for a bit of a change and to save a bit of time.

Family-friendly trip and I believe you are also allowed dogs, but do your own due diligence on that to be sure.

If you have a trailer queen let me know and we will try and arrange to leave your tow wagon at one of the farms along the way up the valley or if you're an NZMCA member they have a park very close to Tekapo.

Things to bring:

A bit of firewood (I know it's summer but it's always nice to leave a bit there for those the opt to walk in and out over the chilly seasons)
Extra food.
Tent, in case the hut is full.
Recovery gear, although I would imagine it is very unlikely you'll need it.

Sunday morning we all leave the hut spotless (No one leaves until it is how we found it or ideally better please!) then rock on back to Tekapo for some fuel and head home.

I'm based in Queenstown these days so will be rocking up from here. Those interested from elsewhere (if there is anyone.. :shock: . :lol: ) should ideally meet at Rolleston BP and rock on from there.

I'll also be heading up the Hopkins Valley for a night or two before Christmas. PM if you're keen to come along and I'll let you know the plan once we have one.
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Re: Godley Glacier/Macaulay Hut - January

Postby Smurf » Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:32 pm

We are considering a Macauley trip over New Years. move your dates...

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Re: Godley Glacier/Macaulay Hut - January

Postby Twodiffs » Fri Dec 01, 2017 5:54 pm

I'm keen, have a wedding I have to be at in ChCh 4th Jan so would depend on your dates?.

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Re: Godley Glacier/Macaulay Hut - January

Postby Crawlerer79 » Sun Dec 03, 2017 9:17 pm

Will be down Twizel way during New Years so if any of the Landies are running I might be a taker...
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