Public GPS track databases

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Public GPS track databases

Postby turoa » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:59 am

What are peoples opinions on GPS databases for 4wd tracks in NZ? e.g.

Is it a good resource or do you think it will end up as a resource for all the 4wd muppets to rip up all the tracks? Interested to hear peoples opinions as to whether they think its a good resource and if so for who?

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Re: Public GPS track databases

Postby Crawlerer79 » Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:25 pm

Great resource, I can't see 'muppets' shelling out the $100 odd bucks to find some tracks tbh. Also a lot of the tracks on these sites are not super local to anywhere... I know here in Christchurch, we have a lot of 'Waimak Warriors' but you don't ever really hear of them making the journey to tackle anything very far away. In saying that, $100 a year is fairly pricey... I don't want to spend that sort of money if there's only very light information on there. Without a free trial or something to at least show what we're missing out on, I find it hard to shell out on that when you can join your local 4WD club for far less, have experienced members around you and have others to go wheeling with when you do find a track. I think if the developer of sites like these got in contact with 4WD clubs and offered a subscription to the club instead of each individual, they may even make more profit, if not at least help get their name out there. A great way to find out what the product is like for future individual sales as well. Free sites such as Wikiloc I also support... It's a great tool to share your trips with or find new trails on. Again, I can't see the muppets putting in much effort into finding trails...I imagine once they have a few spots sorted, they'd keep going back for more. They seem to be all about carnage and "I made it last time, so you should try this time." In saying that, websites such as Wikiloc where anyone can upload their information is also open to people's interpretation. They have a grading system (just like most sites), however the author can choose the rating. This sure leaves it open to interpretation... A guy with locked 35s will probably consider a trail 'Easy', while a stock height rig on ATs classes as the same trail as 'Difficult.' With no consistency to build off, these multi-author platforms do have their challenges. As someone who has grown up in the 4WD scene, I am aware of this, and we don't think that anyone wouldn't think this, but as my friends are slowly getting trucks, I am learning just as much as them. The whole "this is supposed to be as hard as that track, so therefore will be" thing is different to how most of us tackle a track, being "this is supposed to be as hard as that track, so therefore may be." Rather than reading the terrain, they just go off what they've been told, which tbh, is fair enough for a newbie. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the information with all sites needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The consistency of the single author platforms has it's benefits, but then again, they're not going to do it for free. These platforms especially need to work with the existing 4WD scene, especially the 'responsible' ones, such as (most) clubs and forums such as ORE (well, the few of us left) to really take off. As for the big, multi-author platforms, I think it's up to us as users to use them for guidance and not the 'be all, end all.' As this sort of technology develops, I can see how it can be a worry that these sites will give them access to tracks and cause more havoc, but I can't see it becoming too much of an issue yet. Maybe when their local 'bash and crash spot' gets closed and they start searching for new places, it may cause problems, but I think that more designated 4WD areas need to be set aside to keep people who don't respect the trail etiquette off at tracks, and keeping us on them! Yes I got side tracked, but that's my few cents :roll:
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Re: Public GPS track databases

Postby 3VILC » Sun Sep 09, 2018 9:31 pm

I spotted this the other day also and thought it looked like a brilliant idea, then I realised it was only South Island at this stage so didn't really look too far into it, but I agree if thats the price it's probably still a bit steep, probably more than your average club membership.
Something along the lines of an online version of the 4WD North Island book series would be excellent as of course much of the info in these books is far outdated now, some of the tracks would be largely unpassable or even closed/locked these days, although of course those of us that aren't just out to destroy everything realize that tracks change all the time due to storms etc. Most of those same people are happy enough finding a grass paddock to destroy. I don't think a lot of them can be bothered going to the effort to find the more out of the way tracks, good example being Ngaroma Block, because its so far off the main road it stays relatively unmolested because the mischief makers cant be bothered going up that far. But then people like me who are enthusiasts who maybe like me havent had a truck for a few years and are a bit out of the game with what tracks are like and whats open are the moment an online resource would be great.
Unfortunately the like of NZOffroader on facebook just seem to make the situation worse, "oh just go up here bro heaps of places to go" when I know full well its DOC land and your not supposed to be up there
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