LVVTA cert hydraulic handbrake or manual line lockers?

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LVVTA cert hydraulic handbrake or manual line lockers?

Postby zed » Sun Dec 17, 2023 2:13 pm

Hi all, a question regarding handbrakes on road registered 4 wheel drive vehicles - building a new truck at the moment, will go through cert for beadlocks and other bits, but what I would like to do is have either a hydraulic operated handbrake (still a locking type one for parking), or install manual (not momentary electronic) line locker type devices to get increased holding ability.

The truck has rear disc brakes, but has the little shoes inside the rear rotors for the parking brake. One run through the mud and they are pretty much useless in terms of holding ability with big tyres fitted. Mud tends to grind the shoes to pieces very quickly...

So - what options exist for better parking brake performance? As the truck is a work vehicle (and not a motorsport vehicle), I cant get a motorsport card for the hydraulic handbrake. What about the line locker type lever? Push down on the brake pedal to initiate the pressure in the line, turn the lockers on and then release the pedal - they work really well. But are they certifiable?

I also looked into swapping the rear calipers for a system which only has the discs and pads, but the cables run a cam system to push the pads against the discs, which is also not very effective in terms of stopping on a slope. Same issue for the Wilwood style add on calipers - dont want stretchy cables and additional calipers (just more stuff to go wrong really...)

What do people use? What is certifiable in this situation?

I know I can redo the shoes and adjust/clean every 6 months, but there really has to be a better solution right??

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