FS: Faulty R50 Terrano with plenty of new parts.

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FS: Faulty R50 Terrano with plenty of new parts.

Postby nickmcdonald » Mon Aug 29, 2022 5:27 pm

For sale is a 1996 Nissan Terrano. The water pump on it failed, cooked the motor and cracked the head. I replaced the head and water pump with brand new items, and on its first test drive after the repair, it was still using water and the radiator was bubbling, indicating to me that compression is getting into the cooling system; I suspect a dodgy block. I've thrown in the towel as I've spent enough.

Vehicle has done 367,000km and runs beautifully other than using water. Body isn't fantastic, but far from the worst. It passed its last warrant without any issues. Parts that I've replaced recently are:

- Full injector pump rebuild 40,000kms ago - have receipts
- New radiator (not a cheap one either) not quite a year ago
- Brand new cylinder head less than 20kms (yes 20 kms ago)
- Water pump, thermostat, radiator cap, glow plugs and EGR blanking off done when the head was replaced, so all brand new.
- New alternator 4 months ago
- Various steel lines and hoses replaced throughout the engine bay with genuine Nissan parts
- AC reconditioned 2 years ago - works beautifully
- Genuine Nissan tow bar
- Really tidily made 3 inch exhaust including dump pipe - tucks up nicely and sounds awesome.
- Plenty of other odds and ends have been replaced in my ownership.

Selling as a parts car as its use of water could indicate a bigger issue, but it runs and drives beautifully otherwise. Too many expensive parts on it to scrap, and would ideally be used as a donor car to harvest the good bits off and spruce up someones tired Terrano. Absolutely gutted, but I simply can't sink any more money or time into this thing.

Open to reasonable offers.

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