Jimny - Leak for gearbox output shaft.

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Jimny - Leak for gearbox output shaft.

Postby clubbing80s » Fri Dec 07, 2018 8:17 am


I have had the seal on the output shaft replaced twice. Once was just the seal at by a one man shop mechanic the second time was part of the rebuild with all the seals and bearings replaced by Marshall Transmissions. In either case it didn't hold up more that 6 months. I would have expected after spending just over $1000 on the rebuild it would hold up more than a couple years.

I don't want to spend another pile of cash on a repairs that won't hold up.

What is likely to be the issue ? What do I need to do to fix it ?

Vehicle details:
Suzuki Jimny, 2007, Manual, 4 x 4
Type FJB43V


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Re: Jimny - Leak for gearbox output shaft.

Postby SMOKEY » Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:06 am

Hi G, I have had no experience with Suzuki's but a G/box is a G/box ----isn't it ????. A prematurely leaking seal could be put down to :- type of driving, are you in water or mud -- and or silt if so that will chew out seals. Has the Jimny been involved in an accident or impact that could have bent the output shaft or drivetrain ?? . If no to the questions have you checked the breather. What condition is the area the seal runs on in, if grooved or worn you can fit a Speedy Sleeve (get from bearing, seal shop) before fitting speedy sleeve fill grove in shaft with metal putty. If you have room in the end of the G/box housing try fitting two seals back to back ( this stops the oil getting out and the shit getting in) or get a double lip seal . Hope this helps It's only standard G/box overhaul practice .



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