Delica 2.8 noise issue intake side?

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Delica 2.8 noise issue intake side?

Postby peter_Kzj78 » Tue Mar 02, 2021 9:44 pm

hi all,
my newest addition to car trouble is a 1994 L400 2.8 4m40 powered.
what puzzles me:
when in neutral you can rev up to 4000 (didn´t go beyond) without a thing.
when under load driving, from 2500 revs there is a noisy blow by sound. found that there is the pressure relief valve on intake manifold and found it bit greasy so seemingly opening up frequently.
tried inspecting waste gate actuator, lever seemed a bit stuck, gave it a few knocks and now in neutral seemed to work at least a bit but could not get around test driving it as my KZJ78 is blocking the drive way with it´s own starting issue :oops:
just checking in if I missed something on my research, is this a known fault?

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