Whirinaki Forest 4wd area (near Minginui)

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Whirinaki Forest 4wd area (near Minginui)

Postby octanepwr » Thu Jan 13, 2022 9:42 pm

Hi all

Not sure if people still use this forum (I remember it from way back) but this used to be a great 4wd spot.
I have been twice some years ago (say 2015 and 2017 probably) and it was getting pretty overgrown in 2017 and also access had been 'made difficult' by the logging company (plantations intermixed with public/DOC native areas - 4wding is in the native areas).
I can't find reference to this 4wd area on the DOC website any more either.

Anyway would be good to know if still in use - it needed usage to not be reclaimed into the bush (either naturally or because tracks were purposefully blocked)



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Re: Whirinaki Forest 4wd area (near Minginui)

Postby fullthrottle » Sun Jan 16, 2022 1:19 pm

Yeah, I few of us still around. F Book does my head in, so back to ORE.

I had a browse, but couldn't find anything after 2017. Best bet would be to ask a local club, like these guys...



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