4w Handheld Radios PRS, UHF and VHF

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4w Handheld Radios PRS, UHF and VHF

Postby Jerry » Mon Jun 08, 2009 2:12 pm

Rexon Radios are made by Rexon Technology Corporation in Taiwan. This is a billon dollar a year plus company specialising in producing high quality commercial two-way radio transceivers and electrical products for the worldwide market.

Rexon's Quality Commercial Radios are used around the world in many difficult and challenging Radio Communication environments. Some of the places where you will find Rexon Radio products in use are: Australian Defence Force, Thailand Police, Bangladesh BDR, Taiwan Fire Fighters, German Ambulance Service, Russian River Police and a wide Commercial market in the United Kingdom.

Extreme testing has been done on the RL328 Series Hand Held Transceivers, where they were dropped from 10 metres onto concrete over 20 times, dropped in oil, hosed down with a high pressure hose, steamed in a sauna, and still the radios performed flawlessly.

Radios are avaliable in the following frequencies

PRS (UHF 476Mhz)
UH 450-527Mhz*
VHF 66-88Mhz*
VHF 136-174Mhz*

* You usually require a radio licence to use these frequencies

Rexon PRS UHF Radio $350+GST

I took one of these (my demo unit) up to the Costa Tuff Truck and was using it for 2 and a 1/2 days and it said it was still fully charged, Coverage was excellent as well. my 2w GME usually goes flat after 4hours and feels like a toy compared to this.

40 Channels, 4W/1W power output, 2000mah Li-ion Battery giving longer talk time, 2 Hour Fast Charger, Tuned Antenna providing better range, Keypad Lock, LCD display, Call Alarm with 9 different ring tones, 8 Repeater channels, 38 CTCSS tones, VOX built in (1-5 sensitivity level), Scan: Normal/ Priority/ dual watch, Squelch Level Setting, Power Save, PTT Home Channel during scan, Weight 310 grams, Tough Metal Chassis built to last, IP54 Rated, MIL810 C/D/E/F, 1 Year warranty

Large range of Headsets, speakers, mics avaliable including waterproof ones, freight not included, car charger avaliable, pricing may be subject to change etc.
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