another self muppetry confession

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another self muppetry confession

Postby xj » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:14 pm

Seeing as how yeti has decided in the new age way of things its ok to declare self-muppetry, and in the hope that someone will get something educational out of my little "whoops", I am too prepared to share:

So today we're playing on some farm hazards in bush. I had to go from point a to point b along a dryish swamp to get to the next series of hill climbs. Dead flat, maybe 200mtrs long, one drain in the middle that Ive been over a hundred times before. Easy as. I jump in my Landy (which btw is going really farking well) , dont bother with my harness, wander over the drain, hit the gas, and after about 10mtr hit an obscured tree stump.... resulting in a farking rapid stop.... for the truck, and shortly after another rapid stop from my forehead hitting the horizontal front roll bar (yes the bar is fine!). So the head hits, the neck rolls under, dunno if i blacked out or not but wasn't (and still arent) feeling either well, nor clever. Had some mild concussion an hour or so after but nothing too nasty.


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Re: another self muppetry confession

Postby yeti » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:17 pm

welcome to the club mark......... :oops: might have a few join ..but hope not.. :wink:
v8 tj...luvs the gas......

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